Three G's


VUCC is a congregation of Grateful people -

          Grateful:  for our experience

                                 of the love of God,

                           for our relationship with

                                 Jesus, the Christ,

                                 and for Christ's promises

                                 of new life and

                                 justice for all,

                           for the resources God

                                  has entrusted to us for

                                 serving God

                                 and humanity.


Our Gratitude leads to Generosity; a desire to bless others because we have been blessed.

        Generous:  with our time,

                           with the financial resources

                                   God has entrusted to us,

                           with our energy and skills,

                           with our love and caring.


Our Generosity shows itself in Giving

These three G's lead us into a deeper, more inspiring relationship with God,

the Great Spirit, the maker and sustainer of heaven and earth.

These three G's lead us into prayerful mission to bring God's Good News of love,

freedom and justice to anyone who needs it:

          Through the outreach of the 5 special

          offerings of the 

          United Church of Christ:

                    Our Church's Wider Mission

                    One Great Hour of Sharing

                            (supports the relief &

                             empowering work of 

                             Church World Service)

                    Neighbors in Need

                    Strengthen the Church

                    The Christmas Fund

          Through our local mission efforts


                    Backpack Ministry                                                          

                    Laurel Civic Association                                                  

                    Venice Interfaith Community


                    South County Food Pantry

                    Venice CROP Walk

                    Habitat for Humanity

                    Mental Health Ministry

Give the three G's a try and discover that, like love,

blessings are something that only multiply when you give them away.

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