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Valentine Dinner & Dance

In February, our monthly Family Night Dinner becomes a special night. Besides having a wonderful dinner, we had entertainment provided by our own Mark McKinley and his friend, Carolyn. They provided the music and an opportunity to dance with our sweethearts. We started taking pictures late in the evening and so we apologize to everyone we missed.

Top Row: Carolyn & Mark McKinley (our entertainers for the evening), 1st two pictures, Gary & Lyn Woodrum, Vicky Ferguson & Judy Dennison, Bob Dube & Dee Rogers, Sue & Jack Neumyer, Ed & Kathy LeBel, Sandy & Paul McHenry, Betty & Clark Moore, David & Phoebe Horne

2nd Row: Pat & Joe Runner, Dan & Pam Gansch-Boythe, Patty, Sandy Barrie & friend, Craig & Sharon Traver with Norma Dunlap, Hannah & Ian McNabb, Gary & Pat Fischer

3rd Row: Linda & Paul Frank, Ruth & Rex Ingerick, Dick & Ellen Schleicher, Cynthia Pike & Ralph Schultz, Tom & Kathie Jones, Rich & Liz Roehr, Harold & Jenny Steindam

4th Row: Pam Gansch-Boythe & Mer Zovko, Gene & Vivien Aulenbach, Betty & Frank Lavrey, Larry & Lenore Washburn, Bob Campbell & John Schwab, Howard "Scottie" Scott, Paul Chebator and Dave Mansfield in the background, Mel Burrowes

5th Row: Bruce & Pat Hodgkins, Craig & Sharon Traver

Women's Advent by Candlelight

Women's Advent by Candlelight is both a festive and a spiritual evening. Each hostess sets a festive table which means no two tables are alike. We light the candles on our Advent wreath, sing carols and, this year, we had a little play depicting the Angel Gabriel telling Mary she would conceive and bear a Son. Our worship service ended with the room bathed in candlelight as we sang Silent Night. Then it was time for dessert (each hostess supplies the dessert for her table) and more fellowship.

We Honor our 20+ Year Members

We honor people who have been members of VUCC for more than 20 years. Now, in many churches that may not be so long, but here at VUCC, most people join after they retire so the average age of our new members is 65. For the most part, it's a real accomplishment to be a member here for more than 20 years!

Crop Hunger Walk

This year the 56 walkers on the VUCC team (which includes several people from Ramblers Rest Resort)  raised $15,183 and had more than 440 sponsors.

Preparing For Hurricane Irma September 8, 2017

On this date, we were expecting Hurricane Irma to be a high level 4 or a level 5 hurricane. This group of men came together to put up the storm shutters on a beastly hot day. Thankfully, the hurricane was downgraded to a high level 1 by the time it got to Venice and the church had no damage from it. We even had power and could offer our buildings to others to charge their devices and/or sit in a cool place.

WISE Congregations for Mental Health Conference

We were privileged to host the WISE (Welcoming, Inclusive, Supportive, Engaging) Congregations for Mental Health Conference in October 2017. People came from California, Connecticut, Texas, Wisconsin as well as Florida. It is our prayer that  some of them will begin the process in their home churches to declare themselves to be WISE Congregations for Mental Health.

Crop Walk

Our 2017 CROP Walk participants. In 2017, we raised $13,982! We really set the bar high for 2018. 

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Over the years, the Prayer Shawls our ladies have created have been sent all over our country and to many foreign countries, as well. As they make them, the ladies pray who whoever will receive them and twice a year we dedicate all the new ones to God's service. When they leave here, they carry with them the prayers of the entire congregation that they may bring comfort or joy, each according to the need, to the recipients.

Disaster Relief Supplies

Bob Dube & Rev Don delivering hurricane relief kits + other needed supplies to Sandra Hempstead of Naples UCC on Sunday, October 1 for distribution in Immokalee and Bonita Springs. The supplies are special delivery from Ebenezer UCC in West Seneca, NY, home church of Marion Lange & Rev Don.

Miscellaneous Photos

From left: Adventure Seekers Bible Study Class, the group who traveled to Immokalee to visit with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the courtyard fountain and plaque, a cake for Rev. Keran's birthday and Bob & Dee's anniversary.