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We're glad you came!

Service Time

Sunday Morning Service: 10:00AM


Our Location

620 Shamrock Blvd.

Venice FL 34293

Ph. 941.493.6741

About Us

We are...

A W.I.S.E. Congregation for Mental Health (Welcoming, Inclusive, Supportive, Engaging).

An Open & Affirming Stephen Ministry Church.

We celebrate openness, compassion, freedom and love.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. Feel free to give us a shout and connect with us.


"Welcome to this website expression of who we are and what we do. Please explore this introduction to our Mission, Vision and Core Values. We invite you to visit on Sunday or for any of our activities. You are welcome to consider the possibility of finding a new church home here, if you are so searching. I may be contacted by clicking here.

Rev. Don Wilson, Senior Pastor

"Wow! You found our brand new website. I'm so glad that you did and I hope that you will also find our church. Here at Venice UCC, we offer a variety of ministry opportunities including women's ministries. I am mostly involved as facilitator helping members and friends carry out these ministries.  Email me by clicking here. "

Rev. Dr. Keran Olm-Stoelting,

Associate Pastor


Believing that everything we do at VUCC is ministry,

we have over 50 Ministry Groups.

Our Study & Service Ministry Groups

In this group, you'll find things like Adventure Seekers Bible Study, Book study, Hurricane Readiness, Scholarship, Stephen Ministry, and various Women's Fellowship fund raising events.

Our Worship

Ministry Groups

Our Worship Ministry groups include everything involved in making worship happen from lining up the Sunday Readers to preparing communion or music or maybe a drama.

Our Outreach

Ministry Groups

The Outreach Ministry group, includes things like Backpack, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, CROP Walk, Mental Health Ministry, and Prayer Shawl Ministry.

Our Hospitalty

Ministry Groups

From welcoming you at the Welcome Table to seating you in the sanctuary, our Hospitality Ministry groups have it covered.

Our Fellowship

Ministry Groups

From Christian Travel to Men's Fellowship Breakfast, Venice United Church of Christ offers several ministry groups that focus on fellowship and fun while also providing some spiritual growth.

Our Administrative

Ministry Groups

In any organization, there have to be the people who keep the wheels on the bus. That's where our Administrative Ministry groups come in.


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Come and get involved!

Adventure Seekers Bible Study

Adventure Seekers Bible Study meets in the Parlor every Thursday morning at 10:30. They explore a variety of materials that inform and stretch their understanding of their faith. Past topics have included studying the Trail of Tears, a study of the books Saving Jesus From the Church by Robin R. Meyers, The Last Week of Jesus by Marcus Borg, and Meeting God for the First Time by Marcus Borg. 

There's room at the table for you, too!

On the Move Again

This is the time of year when our members travel - a lot. It's been a lot of fun filling up the board with pictures of all their adventures, and the summer isn't over yet. Soon the board will be overcrowded as we explore more of the beauty and wonder of this world God has created for us to live in.

Anne E. DeChant is coming to VUCC!

In October, Anne E. DeChant, award-winning Nashville recording artist will be providing special music during worship as well as performing a concert for the community. Click below to learn more.


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